by Jim Dove w/a Danlen James
All Rights Reserved
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Editor Note: 
     This story is a part of the "Leaving Home" series of stories, and details what happens to Interstellar Colonization Ship #8, which disappeared immediately after launch, never to be heard from again'

  by Jim Dove w/a Danlen James
 All Rights Reserved

    The Commander begins the countdown over the comm system at 11:59:00.  Then at noon as he announces “Launch”, they enter the wormhole.
    Immediately, everything goes black.

    In star system SAO 85632, at the point in space where the Earth generated wormhole appears, there exits an asteroid.  It wasn’t supposed to be in the wormhole.  But the effect it’s had on the 5 mile diameter ICS-8 is quite apparent - the ship does not exit.
    What happens to anything trapped in a wormhole when it collapses?  I don’t know that the question has ever been addressed.  Oh, maybe by a few quantum theorists, but no serious study has ever been done on the question.  It’s not even known how you could possibly study it.
    As the wormhole that’s supposed to transport ICS-8 to its new home world is generated, an asteroid in near Earth orbit is directly in the path of the wormhole, and is sucked in at the moment of generation, just before ICS-8 enters.  Earth control doesn’t know about the asteroid.  It has no way to monitor the contents of the wormhole.  As a result, they see the ship enter, then, nothing.  SAO 85632 now contains a new asteroid, but the ship is nowhere to be found.

     Author:  There's much, MUCH more in this story.  It details the surprising details of what happens to ICS-8 and its crew and colonists after being launched through a wormhole..


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