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Progress Report:

On this page, I will be reporting on new, finished stories,  and on what  stories are in progress, or in outline.

UPDATE: September 11, 2015
Beginning a new story, tentatively titled "Encounter" that tells the story of what happens after a man witnesses 3 low-flying UFOs pass over him as he is driving down the road.  That sighting begins a startling and intriguing series of events that forever change his life.  
UPDATE: December 4, 2013
"Launch 8" (was "Prometheus")  is finished.  The story of what happens when the launch of the 8th interstellar colonization ship through a wormhole goes terribly wrong.  It details the struggles of the crew and colonists to get their ship to a habitable world.

UPDATE: July 29,2013
"The Well"  is finished.  At least the first 2 parts are.  There will be a sequel, called "The Journey", which is being worked on now.
UPDATE: May 26, 2012
"The Well"  seems to be the story that won't end!  Having 'finished it' now at least 3 times, it keeps on writing itself.  Now working on "PART III, The Journey".  Hopefully, this will be the final part, but....

September 16, 2011
Finally finished 
 "The Well", (originally titled "The Book"), after finishing it twice before!  I think it really is finished this time, though I can see a sequel in the future.

I've finished a couple of short stories too.  May try to bring them all together in an anthology.

Have an idea for a new story, outlining it now, called "Hide and Seek". It will have a few twists in it.

April 16, 2011
A couple of the stories I've either completed or am working on, just will not die.  Having "finished" them, they keep developing new twists and take on developments that just must be told.

Sigh, I guess that's normal for writers - at least for me.

I've finished several other stories - see below.  The latest one being 
"Prometheus", the story of a colonial starship lost after launch through a wormhole toward another star system.

This starship started its journey in "Leaving Home".

Sept. 25, 2010
I've finished 2 short stories, ~2500 words each.  Neither is scifi!  I wrote these for a short story class I'm taking.  One is romance, the other is a detective mystery.

One of them I may place on-line on this site.

The story, "LeavingHome" is finished.  Comprised of 5 stories, combined into a single book, it is  ready for a publisher (HINT, HINT).   It's being proof read now.

The stories, as written, can stand alone, and would make a wonderful  serial for some sci-fi magazine.

Combined, the stories total some 67000+ words, the book is marginally  a novel, and the longer it takes for a publisher to pick it up, it may  become even longer, with the addition of a couple of new stories either  written, or in progress. 

Some of the new stories, though they stand alone, fit nicely into the "Leaving  Home" saga.

Current Stories: 
"Hide and Seek"
Just starting, now outlining it.

"Bomber Babe"
Short Story, 2500 words
A FINISHED short story about a young girl getting revenge on
a young man who 'done her wrong' (not what you think!)
This was written for a writer's weekend project.

"If Only"
Short Story, 2500 words
A FINISHED short story about a young boy growing up, and going through puberty, while trying to win the heart of his one true love.  We follow him from 5 years old, through 12th grade.
(And beyond)

"My Love"
Short Story, 2500 words
A FINISHED short story, as told from the girl's point of view, to complement the story "If Only".  About a young woman's feelings about the boy she really likes.   How her feelings change as she goes through puberty, and then waiting for her young man to notice her.  We follow her  from 5 years old, through 12th grade.
(And beyond)

Short Story, 2500 words
A FINISHED short story about a detective's decades long search for a bank robber who blinded a little girl during a botched robbery.

Short Story, 5000 words
Another short story, FINISHED, featuring Jake, the main character in "Force of Habit", is about an inter-galactic taxi driver, and his adventures! 

Jake is still the same easy-go-lucky guy he was in the "Force of Habit" story, and still has his faithful sidekick.

Along the way, they meet some "interesting" characters, including some of the cast of "Leaving Home".

"It Was A Stormy -"
16000+ words so far
NEW - Well under way
The continuing saga of Jake, his faithful sidekick, and his space-taxi adventures.  New adventures as befits the Universe's most well known Gambler and Space Taxi Driver.
"The Well"
 (NEW NAME for "The Book")
(Renamed) 53000+ words
Finally FINISHED       September 16, 2012 
    May 26, 2012, NOW WORKING ON PART III

I'm proof reading it now, and sending it out for editing shortly.

Set in a modern south-west cowboy setting, it features 2 best friends search for the answers to a mystery they encounter while spelunking.  Their findings will have a profound impact on all of mankind.

I see a definite sequel for this one!

23800+ words
A starship lost in space and time.   Story of how they survive and their struggles finding a new home world.
In Outline
A NEW story, featuring Cmdr. Jimmy Eagleton's best friend Marlin, from "Leaving Home", and details his deep space courtship of -------- Opps, can't tell you that!

This will be a stand alone story, though it may be added to the "Leaving Home" book.

I feel sure the name will change, but not sure yet to what.

"Daddy's Had It"
(Not going well - set aside for now)
A story about a "husband" and his actions after finding out about abuse of his "wife".  It's an "Eco-Thriller", and best classed as fiction, though it does have a few Sci-Fi attributes.
"Star Seed"
In Outline
An ancient race that seeds worlds as they explore.

November 1, 2011
Here it is time for
NaNoWrMo once again.  Still a bad month around our house, but, once again, I'm going to try for that
50K words.  I have a story line, now if I can just get it going in the "WRITE" direction!

December 1, 2010
Well, I didn't get to 50k once again.  November is 
really a bad month in our home.
But, I will try again next year.  At least I have the 
results of the story to polish now.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
September 25, 2010
NaNoWrMo is almost here for 2010.  Looking forward to this year.  I have only a vague idea what I will start writing about so far.  But I'm hoping for inspiration before Nov. 1.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
American Christian Fiction Writers

July 14, 2010
Joined acfw today.   Lots of good information on their site that will, hopefully, help me with some of the hurdles I'm still facing.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
October 2009
Joined NaNoWrMo - National Novel Writing Month.  Goal is to write a novel of 50,000 words in one month.  For any wanabe writers out there, this is a very good place to start.  It forces you to learn to budget your time, and to stick to your writing schedule.  Go out to the link above and read all about it.

I am only at 13k as of 11/20/09.  Don't think I will get to 50k.  Between PT on my shoulder three days a week, a three day celebration of MIL's 95th birthday, and my other duties, there just has not been enough quality writing time.  And, of course, 2 or 3 days I had writers block.  Now, next week, we have Thanksgiving!  Oh well.  I'm still going to give it the old college try!

But, the GOOD news is that I have a very good start on two, maybe three new stories!

Thinking About:

I have ideas for another 3 stories, along different lines, in addition to 2 more stories in the "Leaving Home" saga.

"Leaving Home" has so much potential, and sequels are bound to happen.  I can think of 3 or 4 more in addition to the 2 mentioned above, right off the top of my head!  Actually, more than that!

But they will have to wait.  I want to finish the stories already started, and then I can begin one or more of the new ones.


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